The web has shifted since I started Silicon Shovel back in 2009.

The biggest impact is that technology has made things much simpler.

… Almost to the point that the technology disappears into the backdrop, leaving your message to take centre stage.

And as a result, online business has evolved too.

Some parts have fragmented, some have consolidated, and some stuff has simply become obsolete.

It’s all just part of evolution and the creation and consumption of information.

For me, I can now zoom in on tighter verticals and drill down much deeper than before.

As a result, the Silicon Shovel brand doesn’t really fit into my natural ecosystem anymore.

It’s too unfocused and I generally only post stuff here when it doesn’t belong anywhere else.

And to be honest, I haven’t published there for months.

In fact, I’ve moved 99% of my publication into the inbox.

My latest experiments have confirmed that email is a more effective channel for real communication.

It’s faster, leaner and gets greater penetration with those who truly care.

Email is the original social media –

I can send a broadcast and reach thousands of subscribers almost immediately

And we can open up a 1-on-1 when we need to.

It’s perfect.

What does this mean? What next?

The Silicon Shovel mailing list you just signed up for is no longer active.
In the next week or so, I’ll be deleting all subscriptions and wiping the slate clean.

But if you’re up for it I’d love to continue communicating with you in your inbox.

There are 2 places where I am currently focusing my publishing efforts.

To see if you think we’ll be a good fit for each other, you can check out these spaces and sign up for inbox updates.


1% Project

I know I’m making you jump through a hoop here, but the feedback I’ve had from your fellow subscribers tell me it’s worth the extra step.

Remember, I don’t publish publicly on the web – the only way to to get the good stuff is in your email inbox. And of course, every email includes a link that lets you automagically unsubscribe.

All the best,